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Scalp Health

One of the most often questions I get from clients as we enter a change of season is,

"My scalp is __________, what can I use to fix it?"

Options to fill in the blank:

- Dry

- Itchy or Irritated

- Flakey

- Oily

- Greasy from product build-up

It is very common to expience a change in your scalp and hair dynamic at the start of each season. Our bodies respond to a shift in weather, daily routines, stress levels, and overall health.

Most often my answer is, "How long have you been experiencing __________ scalp?"

I always suggest waiting a full 4-6 weeks before making any changes to your at-home regimen to accommodate what you are experiencing. Even at this time, everyone is different and our scalp is a huge indicator of what may be going on internally... and I'm not a doctor. Please reach out to your primary care physician or dermatologist to address any issues beyond this article.


Here's what I can recommend:

>>> If you've been using the same shampoo + conditioner for 12+ months, it's time to make a change. It's not that our hair gets "used to" a certain product over time, however, product build-up can occur and make your hair feel dirty and look lackluster. I have so many amazing recommendations if you are looking for new products.

>>> Are you massaging your scalp enough, and possibly shampooing twice, to really emulsify and exfoliate your hair and scalp? Many of my clients have benefited from a scalp brush or comb to use in the shower to effectively clean the scalp. These are the two products I recommend for this, Scalp Gua Sha or Scalp Revival Brush. Additionally, if you have thick / coarse / curly / heavy hair, you should definitely be using shampoo twice then follow with conditioner. This ensures that you first wash out any product build-up, debris from the environment, and oils while the second wash is then able to actually reach your hair cuticle and scalp to cleanse and do its job right.

>>> If you have been experiencing any of the listed symptoms for 4-6 weeks and haven't seen results while being mindful of the above then something along the lines of this non-toxic Scalp Detox from Act & Acre or this Tonik Spray from Cult & King is highly recommended. These products are created to remove any impurities from the hair and reset the pH of your scalp; the directions must be followed precisely for the results to be effective. The Scalp Detox from Act & Acre uses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plants to soothe the scalp and protect the natural moisture balance. The Tonik Spray from Cult & King is a conditioner and scalp potion that uses Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, plus Salicylic Acid to reset the hair and skin to its natural state.

>>> Last but not least, make sure you're avoiding products that contain sulfates, alcohols, or fragrances. Sulfates strip away natural oils in your hair and remove dead skin cells, which makes the scalp dry and prone to irritation (not to mention also fades hair color much quicker). Using products that contain alcohol and fragrances suck the moisture out of your hair. This will leave your hair feeling frizzy, dry, and damaged and will result in inflammation that leaves you with a dry, itchy, or irritated scalp.

I can't say it enough, a healthy scalp = healthy hair.

The products I've suggested are attached below with direct links to the many reviews and additional information on all things hair and scalp health.


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